marc philip van kempen

selected work: après-garde | screen shots | century dust | TR | waringin | dead painters studios | sculptural study | sculptural study II | city |


Après-Garde is a three-dimensional reconstruction of all the media that constituted themselves at a certain moment on my laptop’s desktop. The content ranges from Korean news-desks, exhibition overviews, webcam shots, mp3’s of a friend’s music, Syrian refugee shelters, and Blade Runner set photos to a 2000 year old text about the sacking of Jerusalem.

There is no direct causality in the content other than that they found themselves in the same digital space within the frame of my computer’s desktop, at a particular time. All these media were then recreated into sculptural elements that were brought together in a three-dimensional, collage-like installation. This installation then served as a set for a silent film, that was shown along with a live soundtrack by Marta De Pascalis, Bogdan Falowski and Alicja Wloczyk.

Through the recreation of a contemporary digital space into media associated with early modern centuries (dioramas, hand-tinted photography and silent movies), the work raises questions about the intricate relationships between form and content, original and reproduction, fake and real, and the role of materiality in the attribution of meaning.